recycling potting supplies

Fri, 04 Feb 2005 12:20:53 PST
--- Diane Whitehead <> wrote:
> I used to buy pots from a plastics manufacturer
> here, but now I get 
> all the pots I could possibly use free, from tiny
> ones to huge ones 
> for trees, plus flats and mesh trays, from the
> municipal yard.  It 
> accepts yard waste, and other things too. Every day
> there is active 
> re-use of discards.  People drop off bikes, toys,
> electric appliances 
> - I even saw a breadmaker still in its box - and
> there is a special 
> big box just for flower pots.  I have read that this
> is done 
> elsewhere, and that people have to pay, but here it
> is free.
> 		Diane Whitehead  Victoria, B.C., Canada

i wish our city, New York, would be so progressive.  i
have called our department of sanitation to ask why
they cannot take in plastic pots for recycling, the
way they do bottles.  their answer is that plastic
pots are made of a different type of plastic and as of
today they do not recycle those.  i hate to throw out
plastic pots, so now i have quite a few (specially the
2.5 inch ones).

tsuh yang

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