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James Waddick jwaddick@kc.rr.com
Sat, 12 Feb 2005 19:02:33 PST
Dear all;
	After a 3-4 inch snow fall a few days ago and the weeks of 
roller coaster weather between the teens and high 40s (all F), 
today's rain has gotten things moving.
	Crocus sieberi 'Bowles  White' has been blooming since New 
Year's Eve. This is the earliest by far for this species. Flowers 
have been frozen and more come up to replace them. Still some nice 
looking flowers and on the rare mild day even a couple honey bees 
have found them.
	Crocus ancyrensis usually earlier, but are just beginning to bloom.
	Crocus sieberi 'Firefly' always the first sieberi have 
started up strongly. We used to have squirrel and other evil critter 
problems eating this species, but now a small sloping are where these 
do extremely well and self sow around, but they are inter-planted 
with a variety of early daffodils (just showing foliage tips). I 
think this dissuades predation on all.
	Just showing color today on Crocus sieberi 'Hubert 
Edelstein'. Of course this is my favorite of the species and the 
slowest to multiply.
	Just showing leaf tips on Crocus tomm. 'Ruby Giant', a bit 
early here and probably other cvs hidding in leaf litter.

	The first Eranthis has turned up and opened although others 
are in the process. I think these are all E. hymalis, E. cilicicum a 
couple weeks later as rule.
	Cyclamen coum flowers are turning up; very colorful and 
snaking through the leaves, but not yet open.
	Major foliage growth on Iris (Juno) aucheri, always the most 
ridiculously early Juno. This will also be the first Juno to bloom, 
but still weeks away. Other Junos showing foliage are I magnifica in 
a protected spot, and another protected I. cycloglossa. Others still 
hiding underground.

	Daffodils. So many seem to come up way too early and have 
seriously frozen back foliage tips -some 3 or 4 inches of mush. Very 
unattractive and will only look worse as they get growing seriously. 
The only Daff to approach blooming is 'Rynveld's Early Sensation'.
	My "usual' earliest, 'Cedric Morris' got serious bunny damage 
and is probably not even going to bloom this spring.

	Galanthus. The snowdrops were just green, then white-centered 
'pips' at soil level for days, but suddenly quite a few are up and 
blooming. "Mighty Atom NOT" (an unidentified cv sold by Appalachian 
Nursery that is somewhat similar to 'Mighty Atom', but isn't) is 
probably the most vigorous and reliable Galanthus for me. Always a 
treat. About the same time 'S. Arnott' and a few smaller named 
clumps, but the ground is too sopping to step in and read the labels.

	No flowers, but emerging - Leucojum aestivum, various 
peonies, Tulipa sylvestris, Adonis amurensis and Hellebores are 
'straining' at the bit. A number of Iris reticulata cvs are showing 
foliage and the tips of buds (no color yet). These will pop on the 
next sunny day. Various Arum are either coming up for the first time 
or growing new foliage after their fall/winter foliage has succumbed 
to too much wear and tear of repeated freeze/melt cycles. I have a 
half dozen common Colchicum cvs and all are shoing to some degree.

	So a season of expectation and sudden disaster as the weather 
takes a dreaded dip back into single figures. We have had daffodils 
freeze back to ground level and do grievous damage to less hardy bulb 
foliage and flowers. But when the weather combination is kind, it can 
turn from drab to glorious overnight.

	And then there's all those thing we hope to see 'first bloom' 
on this year.

	Jim W.

PS and in a cold greenhouse these: a Lachenalia, Tulbaghia simmleri, 
a last Moraea polystachya, some Freesia in bud and not much else 
right now. I try to start more seeds everyday, but I keep finding 
more to plant. Hope I can get them all into pots before spring comes.
Dr. James W. Waddick
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