Mary Sue Ittner
Thu, 16 Jun 2005 22:50:20 PDT

John Ingram asked about Patersonia glabrata on June 8th. I don't know if 
anyone answered him. I only grow one species, Patersonia occidentalis. I 
think most of the Patersonias are evergreen however. The species he is 
asking about is native to Queensland, New South Wales, and Victoria so I 
think it is unlikely to be summer dormant. I looked it up in the 
Encyclopedia of Australian plants and this is what it says:
"Occurs in coastal heaths growing in sandy soils and in clay loams in open 
forests....Adapts readily to cultivation in subtropical and temperate 
regions. One of the best for mass planting. Requires well-drained acid soil 
in semi-shade or full sun. Tolerates light to moderate frosts. Propagate 
from seed or by division." It doesn't say anything about water but I'd 
think that if you were growing them in pots they would need regular water. 
And it sounds like they can be divided. I hope this helps.

My Patersonia (the only one to survive from my attempt to grow it from 
seed) bloomed for the first time this year. The flowers are fleeting, but I 
was still very pleased to see them the days it bloomed. I remember really 
enjoying these plants in Australia when we visited them.

My part of California doesn't seem to understand that it usually is a 
Mediterranean climate as it continues to rain. It will be interesting to 
see what happens to all my dormant bulbs that are getting rained on which 
are usually dry at this time of the year and to see if any of those South 
African Amaryllids I have grown from seed will finally decide to bloom this 
fall encouraged by summer rainfall. I am wondering if this has agreed with 
my Patersonia helping it to bloom. I made a new wiki page for Patersonia.…

Mary Sue

At 10:50 PM 6/8/05 -0700, you wrote:
>I am the owner of several P. glabarata plants.
>They unfortunately dried in the pots while I was gone for a few weeks.
>There is some green on them and I have cut them back. I've noticed that 
>the green has extended since last weekend so they seem to be able to 
>recover from this.
>I thought they were summer dormant so I didn't think a lot of water would 
>be required in my absence. The person watering for me didn't water as much 
>as I do (or rather even less than I do).
>So, can anyone recommend care for these plants? I've done some research 
>and came up with very little.
>I have divided one plant into several fans that I hope will eventually 
>root out.
>So, what I am asking is overall care and propagation recommendations.
>John Ingram in L.A., CA.
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