Bulbs of south africa--Cyrtanthus breviflorus

Ellen Hornig hornig@usadatanet.net
Mon, 13 Jun 2005 14:38:02 PDT
One of my customers/trading buddies in Kansas reports that Cyrtanthus
breviflorus overwintered just fine for him in the open garden - and his
conditions must be harsher than my snow-belt ones, so I will certainly be
trying it here myself this year.

Persuant to other recent discussions, I've had a colony of a small form of
Tritonia disticha v. rubrolucens in the garden (top of the rock garden) for
many years, and it has now spread so far that part of it will have to be
removed to protect a fine Daphne arbuscula that used to be a safe foot away.
This year I put in a very large form of the tritonia - so big it looks more
like a gladiolus (from memory, close to 3ft/90cm tall) - also raised from
Silverhill seed, but started several years after the small form.  I hope
it's as hardy as the little one - it's stunning.

Also: much to my surprise, several Galtonia princeps bulbs which I stuck in
last fall overwintered just fine, and are up and growing vigorously.  This
is a lower-altitude plant than G. regalis and G. viridiflora, and I really
didn't expect it to make it.  There are some advantages to living in the
snow belt!

Ellen Hornig
Seneca Hill Perennials
Oswego, NY USA
USDA zone 5 - average 10ft of snow annually
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> C. breviflorus are Eastern
> Cape species so would be a summer growers. I don't grow either so perhaps
> someone could tell us their water needs.
> Cyrtanthus breviflorus bloomed  in the greenhouse here perhaps 6 weeks
> We treat it as a summer grower, a dash or two of moisture over the winter
> a good soaking to wake it up in late March or very early April.  We water
> throughout the summer and begin to dry it off in late August or very early
> September.  All of our Cyrtanthus bloom in the same pots in which they are
> unless they become really overcrowded (the sides of the pot swell and we
know it is
> time to repot).
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> Mark
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