Brook Klehm bklehm@comcast.net
Tue, 07 Jun 2005 19:36:56 PDT
Here in rural Northern California, Wachendorfia thyrsiflora is a bit of 
a weed (though not of the naturalizing sort).  Seedlings appear 
unexpectedly not too far from the parent clump.  The seedlings need 
removing so that they do not overtake their neighbors.  I like to think 
the leaves are bold rather than coarse, though I am not particularly 
fond of the black tips of the leaves.  While I grow mine on the 
northeast corner of my home where the soil stays more moist, I can't 
keep my garden consistently moist in our Mediterranean climate.  This 
does not seem to slow the Wachendorfia much.  My plant is just 
finishing its bloom with its foliage hidden in front by a willow (Salix 
purpurea 'Nana') and and with a background of Berberis vulgaris 
'Crimson Cloak'.  Clematis 'Royal Velour' meanders around and amongst 
the shrubs.  It's a very colorful spot.
Brook Klehm
Sebastopol California, USDA zone 9, but on the cold side of 9.

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