Robin Bell
Wed, 15 Jun 2005 09:36:59 PDT
	I have had two clumps of Bletilla striata in partial shade 
come back for 2 & 3 years respectively in my home garden in semi 
shade. I have also lost plants from earlier attempts to grow them in 
the same general area. They are just emerging again now. I have 
mulched them, not heavily, couple of inches, for the last 2 years & 
we have had temps down to -15 to -20F in that time albeit with snow 
cover. Perhaps of more interest however is that I was just shown a 
clump at Cornell University in an experimental garden that is about 2 
feet by 15" & this on top of a rise, in full sun & in full flower. It 
has to have been there for about 4-5 years minimum. While I am not 
sure, I doubt that the Cornell clump gets any mulching for winter. 
Perhaps plants vary in their hardiness, depending on their origin, 
but those in the Cornell clump certainly seem to be quite hardy in 
zone 5. Not sure about mine yet, perhaps in another 5 years?
	Robin Bell, Ithaca, New York.

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