Mary Sue Ittner
Sun, 12 Jun 2005 21:09:29 PDT
Hi everyone,

The last of my Tritonias are finishing blooming. I've planted some of these 
in the ground and some in raised beds. When we have a very wet spring like 
we have had this year the leaves start looking a bit diseased and I suspect 
they would be happier under cover or growing in Southern California or 
maybe Arizona. Many of them I grow, although they are primarily winter 
growers, come from parts of South Africa that have some rain year round. 
One of them, T. lineata, comes from a summer rainfall area but survives in 
my garden growing with winter rainfall and summer dry. I think Tritonias 
are really pretty and am happy I can grow them in the ground and find they 
come back without much care except for cutting off the old leaves. Alan 
Horstmann from South Africa was going to try planting his later to see if 
by doing that it would make them look better by the time they bloomed and I 
am wondering if that helped. I've been adding a number of new pictures to 
the wiki of the various species I grow and have finally gotten the text added.…

Mary Sue

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