Colchicum questions

Mary Sue Ittner
Thu, 02 Jun 2005 18:33:31 PDT
Thanks so much Jane, Jim, John, and Arnold for your help on this. I've 
revised the Colchicum page reflecting your comments and moved some of the 
hybrids that were on that page to the Colchicum hybrids page. I renamed 
Angelo's picture to a species with the note that it could be Colchicum 
cilicicum and renamed Arnold's C. major to Colchicum byzantinum. I just 
left the rest with the names listed as they were with notes that they could 
be something else. John Grimshaw's explanation of why there could be 
confusion for species that have flowers at one time of the year and then 
when they are gone leaves at another time of the year is a reasonable one. 
I can see how it would be difficult to find the same plant at another date. 
How many genera have species with this characteristics? I know we talked 
about plants that flower without leaves, but often the leaves appear 
shortly afterwards not months later or the plant flowers as the leaves die 

Mary Sue

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