Longwinded: On Galleries and Hippeastrum striatum & puniceum?

Jim lykos jimlykos@optusnet.com.au
Tue, 12 Dec 2006 22:34:33 PST
Hi Robert,

The problem for us all is that there is no definitive monograph on 
Hippeastrum since the Amaryllis manual by H. Traub, and much has changed 
taxomonically since that manual was printed. I think there is confusion 
amongst most of us Hippeastrum growers about the identity of a number of 
look alike Hippeastrums with  orange colouration and greenish white throats. 
There is a degree of similarity between - H. puniceum, straitum, 
blossfeldiae and what was known in collections as H. equestre and 
pulverulentum;  apart from the fact that they all grow naturally in Brazil 
and one can expect a  notable degree of variation in their natural 
populations - particularly when they are geographically separated.
I have faith in Mauro Peixoto's site for defining images of Hippeastrum 
species native to Brazil - and you will note that he shows 4 varieties 
(regional variants) of H. striatum. The URL is:
My own breeding experience of a H. striatum? that looks identical to the one 
called H. striatum var Petiolatum is that its an exceptionally fertile 
plant - and so I suspect its either a polyploidal form or a natural hybrid, 
either option creating a broader spectrum of colour and shape possibilities.
Jim Lykos

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