Update, microcredit, etc.

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Joe.  If we helped save somebody the pain, cost  and effort of a failure . 
I think it was a good job.  If it leads to rethinking and success--that'd be 
good too.

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> Hi Gang,
> It seems that my buddy and his connections in India have confirmed almost
> all the ideas presented in this forum (pro and con) about bulb crops for a
> microcredit-type business.   The main result is that the cons outweigh the
> pros.  Interestingly, Web ordering is not a major problem as text messages
> can instantaneously reach remote areas on that wonder-of-wonders 
> invention,
> the cell phone.
> As was predicted, marketing-related problems are the fly in the ointment.
> It is quite true that domestic markets may exist in India, but they are 
> not
> developed or targetable by means that anyone can think of (at least not
> reliably so).  So, backyard bulbs would have to be shipped out of the
> country and even if shipping costs were not prohibitive there is the 
> problem
> of extra costs from phytosanitary certificates.  Taken together, all the
> factors do not suggest putting 2-4 years into bulb growing without a well
> defined market.
> Thanks to all of you who wrote to me privately and discussed the pros and
> cons.
> Cordially,
> Joe
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