Epiphytic Fuchsias

Joe Shaw jshaw@opuntiads.com
Wed, 12 Jul 2006 15:09:30 PDT
The plants grow at an
elevation of roughly 1800 meters in oak forest in Amanalco, Mexico State.


I'm very curious about the cold tolerance of Fuchsia spp. growing at 1800 m 
on lava.

Perhaps they get a few frosts now and then and might like to try a protected 
location here in greather Houston, TX area?

Some Agave species from over 5,500 ft. elevation in Central and 
South-central Mexico seem OK here, down to very short exposures of 23 F, 
with daytime temeratures bouncing back above freezing (to 45 F or higher).

The main problem I've had with cold-tolerant Fuchia types is that they 
really resent heat, especially heat coupled with humidity.



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