Multipetal Oxalis

Ron Vanderhoff
Sat, 20 May 2006 22:50:56 PDT
  I assume you are asking about double-flowered Oxalis (more than a single row of petals).
  Although certainly not common in the genus Oxalis, I have three double flowered selections in my collection: 
       Oxalis magellanica ‘Nelson’ (very small, but fully double flowers)
       Oxalis compressa (a large, double flower form is uncommon)
       Oxalis pes-caprae var. flore plena? (a large, fully double flowered form)
  Although I do not have any, Oxalis cathara also certainly exists as a double-flowered form.  I suspect there are a few other selections as well.
  Ron Vanderhoff
  In Southern California, where the March thru May temps thus far are 4.5 degrees f. below normal.
Aqua Flora <> wrote:

Can anyone tell me there are something like multipetal Oxalis?


South Africa

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