Advice for stagonospora treatment

Anne Schepelern
Thu, 23 Nov 2006 08:04:48 PST
Concerning treatment for Stagonospora Curtisii in amaryllis: After having 
searched for a long time I finallly came acroos a professional gardener who 
offered me a bottle of a systemic fungi solution. My brother in law got it 
for me an since it was in a remote part of Denmark I did not get to speak 
with the gardene rmyself. I tired to call the very kind gardener but he is 
a man of very few words so therefore I need to know what to do with it. 
First of all I do not know what it is but it should fit the problem of 
curing stagonospora curtisii. He told med do dlute one casule in one liter 
of cold water and put the bulb in for five minutes. Then I should repeat 
the treatment bu only by sprinkling the bulbs. The treatment should be 
repeated but I do not know how many times? And isnt it better to submerge 
the whole bulb every time`? I have taken them out of the pots anyway. I 
hope someone could give me some advice on the treatment even with these 
very few informations, but I hope there is a usual way of treatment

Kindest regards

Anne Schepelern

Copenhagen Denmark

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