Baullosa seeds

Dell Sherk
Tue, 28 Nov 2006 14:09:16 PST

Try emailing Osmani at or  I
have both of these addresses for him. Also, Alberto Castillo might be able
to give you some help.


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>  the GY
>is the key to what genus and species it really is. It might be an 
>abbreviation or the first letters of the genus and species or some
>other mnemonic related to the genus and species names.

I've been checking various lists, without success so far, though the 
first suggestion of Argylia does have a GY in it, and it is a dicot 
which accords with the seedlings' appearance.

Another possibility is the native name.

At least the mystery should be solved fairly fast as a 5-day 
germinator should have a fast-moving lifestyle.  It might be one of 
those desert plants that grows with the first good rainfall.

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