Mary Sue Ittner
Wed, 22 Aug 2007 07:35:24 PDT

I've added some more Delphinium pictures to the wiki. Some of the species 
are tuberous and some fringe geophytes I realize, but I still love to grow 
them and find the ones I grow do best if I treat them like some of my other 
native bulbs and grow them in containers kept mostly dry in summer. I can 
grow Delphinium nudicaule and Delphinum luteum successfully in the ground, 
but some of the others that I have planted out have not returned. I've 
tried some in my raised beds in containers sunk in containers and so far 
that seems to be working. Last year Delphinium cardinale did really well 
that way, but I needed to stake it since it got so tall and floppy. I've 
replaced some of my old pictures and added some new ones. I have a bit of 
seed of a couple of them for the BX I'll get to Dell one of these days so 
wanted to be sure there were current pictures. And I divided the page since 
it was getting long.

New pictures of D. cardinale, D. luteum, D. nudicaule, D. recurvatum, and 
D. variegatum.
Delphinum recurvatum I grew from Northwest Native seed and it is a new 
addition to the wiki.…

Mary Sue

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