Sprekelia dormancy question

Adam Fikso adam14113@ameritech.net
Mon, 01 Jan 2007 19:38:25 PST
Well, Jim and others, It bloomed last year,. but...  I am getting so much 
astonishment here, I am now wondering if my memory is off on this matter. 
Check back with me later and I will be able to confirm. At this point, I am 
doubting myself again.
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> >Adam wrote : Re;  S. formosissima.  Personally I believe bringing your 
> >pots
>>in is irrelevant or unnecessary.   I've been able to winter over
>>Hippeastrelia  "Durga Pradhan" here in the Chicago area.  Outdoors, no 
>>in the ground-- sticky clayey loam at about 20" from the foundation of the
> Dear Adam -
> I am shocked to hear this. I bring mine (in pots) indoors
> before the first frost and they stay there-bone dry until they show
> 'signs' in spring, then repotting and lots of water.
> Some sacrificial bulbs go out this fall.!
> Does it actually bloom outdoors?
> Stunned-Jim W.
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