Mary Sue Ittner
Sat, 05 May 2007 20:23:44 PDT

I've added a number of Sparaxis pictures to the wiki of plants we saw in 
South Africa in September. There were wonderful Sparaxis elegans and S. 
tricolor blooming near Nieuwoudtville. We also saw Sparaxis bulbifera on 
our trip from Cape Town to Darling. It's a little challenging to tell it 
apart from the white Sparaxis grandiflora (ssp. fimbriata) we saw at Lion's 
Head, but the former has stems that are branched. We saw the yellow form of 
S. grandiflora (ssp. acutiloba) driving from Clanwilliam to Citrusdal and 
what I think was Sparaxis metelerkampiae near Clanwilliam. There was a pot 
of S. variegata in the Karoo Desert Botanical Garden too. I've also added 
some more hybrid pictures to the Sparaxis hybrid page.…

Sparaxis continue to be very happy in my garden. I tried to dig all of them 
out a couple of years in a row when some appeared with breaks in the petal 
color, a sign of virus. I must not have gotten all of them as more have 
appeared in some of the cleared out patches. If the ones left are virused, 
they certainly are vigorous in spite of that. It seems like a losing 
battle. I'm very ambivalent about this since I find them so cheerful and 
bright that I hate to have to keep trying to get rid of them so now I just 
dig any that look like there is a color break in the leaves when they first 
emerge or the flowers once they bloom.

Mary Sue

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