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Mon, 17 Sep 2007 18:45:13 PDT
As a semi-aside..
	Linneaus named at least a few genera for friends.

	Bauhinia - the orchid tree has leaves composed to identical 
halves. This is named for the Bauhin twins - identical.

	Tillandsia is a bromeliad that seems to exist on almost no 
water and sits on trees away from liquid. It was named for his 
assistant who had a fear of water a Mr. Tillands.

	And there are others I can't recall.

	My favorite is the big 'ugly' beetle named in Honor of Gary 
Larson, originator of the Far Side. If you know The Far Side you 

	Any organism can be named for anything as long as it fills 
the rules and is done according to rules.

	Don't the orchid  genus Dracula flowers remind you of  'something'?

	On and on. And there's more than a few that verge on risque'. 
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