Cyclamen hederifolium planting depth

John T Lonsdale
Thu, 20 Sep 2007 11:13:51 PDT

I'm a little surprised to hear that neither coum nor hederifolium survived
last winter.  You are colder than us here in SE Pennsylvania, but not so
much more that I'd expect that to happen.  Cold hardiness is very much
influenced by drainage - was the ground these tubers were in at all soggy?
Freezing and thawing in less than perfectly well-drained ground could cause
you to lose plants that would be hardy with perfect drainage in a garden a
zone colder.

On our S facing perfectly drained hillside I have a number of hederifolium
that are 25-50% exposed to the air - they look like flying saucers that have
crashed into the slope and stuck half-way in.  They are up to 8" diameter -
but they come through the winters just fine.

I'd try to optimize the situation and drainage - and then you can certainly
plant deeper as well if you want, as long as whatever is on top drains
perfectly then the flowers and leaves will find a way through.  You could
put up to 6" of pure gravel on top of them without issue - but don't create
a sump for water to gather on top of the tubers.

Good luck!


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