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You listed two types of cyrtanthus seeds. I only sent the hybrid.

Sorry if my description was confusing-- I realized it was after re-reading.


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5. Cyrtanthus brachyscyphus x Cyrtanthus elatus? hybrid This is the very
first time I've ever had seed set on any of my cyrtanthus. I had tried
selfing in the past, but to no avail. This past winter I had brachyscyphus
and a hybrid in bloom at the same time, and put them nose-to-nose several
times. Voila!


6. Brachyscyphus is by far the most reliably blooming cyrtanthus for me. 

The hybrid in question is a bit shyer with its flowers, which are much
larger and a soft orange color. It looks identical to one that Lee Poulsen
posted on the wiki:




Foliage is glaucous, both are evergreen.


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