Botanical Latin
Mon, 15 Dec 2008 11:07:38 PST
In Poland, Walujew would be pronounced "va LOO yevf", and his Frittilaria there, if spelled phonetically and with the correct grammatical case endings if Polish were the scientific language, would be Frytylaria walujwyi (the y is a short i). Similarly for Turczaninow (TOOR chan NEEN ovf).
Bonawentura Magrys (and the s has a dot over it and is pronounced like sh)

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I always enjoy these discussion of Botanical Latin.  Has anyone noticed 
that some botanists transliterate the (English) "V" sound from Russian as 
"w" in names?  Other times as "v" of course.

Some examples:
Corydalis turczaninowii
Corydalis kusnetzovii
Fritillaria walujewii  (What nationality was Mr. Walujew?  How is that 
pronounced in Anglophone countries?  In Germany? In Slavic countries?)

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