Hippeastrum (Amaryllid) list

Douglas Westfall eagle85@flash.net
Sun, 28 Dec 2008 12:59:28 PST
To the Hippeastrum collectors out there, I am trying to “assemble” a  
list of the five most rare, hard to collect, wanted Hippeastrums  
(Amaryllids) known to the “hippie” world. Your response  will be  
appreciated. Add names if you have others.
(The list has “expanded” a little over “5”.)

I will suggest a few just to “start the ball rolling”.

#1.  Worsleya rayneri					Brazil (Organ Mts)
#2.   Paramongaia weberbaueri                            Peru
#3a. H. argentinum (tucumanum)			     Argentina, Bolivia, Peru
#3b. H. parodii							     Argentina
#4.   H. bukasovii					                     Puno, eastern Peru
#5.   H. intiflorum							     Peruvian Andes
#6.   H. goianum							     Brazil
#7.   H. arboricola    (epiphytic)			     Argentina
(#8.   H. harrisonii ?not so "rare" as wanted)	     Uruguay

Doug Westfall

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