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Hello All,

*Anredera* is the correct name for now-synonymous *Boussingaultia*.

The family Basellaceae is comprised of these four genera only:

*Anredera* (10-15 species, warm Americas)
*Basella* (5 species, pantropical, esp. Madagascar)
*Tournonia* (1 species, Colombia)
*Ullucus* (1 species, Andes)

from Mabberley, 1997 (2nd ed.) "The Plant Book"

Dylan Hannon

2008/12/2 Uli Urban <johannes-ulrich-urban@t-online.de>

> Dear All,
> Well.... there seems to be some confusion about what is what in these
> interesting plants. I have not heard of Anredera and it looks as if my
> guess that Basella is the same plant as Ullucus seems to be wrong. I
> have an old book on house plants from the very beginning of the 20th
> century written in old gothic German letters and there is Ullucus and
> the description of the plant fitted on what is now Boussingaultia, I
> thought at least. So I checked on the internet using the names Anredera,
> Boussingaultia, Basella and Ullucus and found pictures of plants that
> look so similaar that I think it is the same or at least very closely
> related. Anredera cordifolia had the best pictures with most detail
> shown. Is it possible that this is all the same plant under so many
> different names?
> bye for today.... Uli
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