huge bulb collection

Diane Whitehead
Wed, 13 Feb 2008 17:43:12 PST
There is an anonymous bulb collector in the Netherlands, who has  
several hectares of land, and replants all his plants every year.  He  
plows the fields with a tractor, but digs his bulbs by hand, sieves  
them to find every bulb, dries and cleans them, and then replants them  
while kneeling in the soil.  As the soil is sandy, and would blow away  
in the wind, the fields are covered with chopped straw.

A friend of his is posting pictures on the Scottish Rock Garden Club  
forum as various bulbs come into flower - at the moment, lots of Iris  
reticulata, Crocus, including beautiful cvs of korolkoowii and  
biflorus, and narcissus.

Click only once on a thumbnail to show the larger picture.

Diane Whitehead

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