Gladiolus cultivation

Ellen Hornig
Sun, 16 Mar 2008 14:46:08 PDT
Gladiolus oppositiflorus subs. salmoneus, G. saundersii, and various dalenii 
types (old "primulinus hybrid" sorts: 'Boone', 'Carolina Primrose', southern 
"parrot glads" and some unnamed salvaged ones I have) have done fine here in 
the gound for a long time.  G. saundersii does particularly well in the 
hottest, sunniest, best-drained area I have (remember, this is northern NY); 
in SA it turns out to be quite widespread in the Drakensberg, and we also 
saw plenty of it in Lesotho.  It often turns up in disturbed soils (fields 

In Lesotho, we were joined by a kid (well, 15 years old or so) who told me 
G. saundersii was edible, and promptly stripped one of its reproductive 
parts and ate the petals.  I tried some, and it was really quite tasty: lke 
lettuce, but sweet.  If you're into edible flowers, this would be a whole 
lot showier on your salad than a nasturtium...


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Le 16/03/08 18:14, « Dell Sherk » <> a écrit :
>   Would any of
> you who have had success with this genus be so kind as to share some
> cultivation tips with the rest of us?

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