Begonia boliviana

John Grimshaw
Mon, 03 Mar 2008 21:32:53 PST
DianaWhitehead wrote:

> The containers are still on their poles, and the Phormiums still look
> good.  I wonder if the begonias ['Bonfire'] will resprout?

Begonia boliviensis, in some forms at least, has a reputation for hardiness, 
so I have experimented with the superb 'Bonfire'. In these conditions though 
it is a complete failure, so it would be interesting to know if it 
perennates anywhere else.

Its specific epithet commemorates Bolivia; the B. boiviniana unearthed by 
Mary Sue must refer to one of the three botanists named Boivin, perhaps the 
bulbously-named Louis Hyacinthe Boivin (1806-1852) who was a near 
contemporary (until he died) of Alphonse de Candolle (1808-1893) who named 

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> Containers of Phormium (long narrow coloured leaves) and  Begonia
> Bonfire made a fantastic display all summer and fall on tall poles
> around the parking lot of my local garden centre.  I was surprised, as
> I always plant my hardy begonias in the shade, like under camellias.
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