Outdoor labeling ideas

James Waddick jwaddick@kc.rr.com
Fri, 18 Dec 2009 18:21:35 PST
Jim Shields wrote.....
>The Brother type PT printers using their TZ laminated tapes seem to have
>excellent staying power in the greenhouse, even on the flexible vinyl
>plastic tags.
>Outdoors I use metal markers ...The metal plate is zinc and does not corrode
>much over the years.  The wire legs are steel, but they do slowly corrode
>after several years outdoors in the ground.

Dear All,
	I can definitely one up Jim S's comments about metal markers 
outdoors. I happen to know the inventor of a new PERMANENT outdoor 
label for garden use. See http://kincaidgardens.com/. This is a metal 
label similar to the one Jim mentioned, but it is made totally of 
stainless steel so will not corrode, bend, rust, melt or alter in any 
way. And it is designed so that the flat portion that is the actual 
label can never accidentally fall or get blown off the legs. Very 
clever new design.

	Avery and others makes a self adhesive label( 30 per sheet) 
out of UV resistant plastic that just fits on these labels. The 
labels can be printed using any laser printer and the resulting 
product is very long term and easy to read.

	The combination is a bit pricey and totally unsuited to the 
original topic of seed pot labels, but very much in the realm of 
reality for long term labels of permanent plantings.

		For serious labelling.		Jim W.

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