Labels for seed pots

J.E. Shields
Mon, 14 Dec 2009 18:13:38 PST
I get mine from Charley's Greenhouse suppliers ( )  but I use the 5" length.  I also now 
use the Brother PT-2700  Label Makers with the 1/2-in width TZ tape instead 
of the soft lead pencil now.

Other sources I use are:

A. M. Leonard,


Since we mainly plant expensive seeds, like Clivia and rare species of 
Hippeastrum, Haemanthus, etc., each seed goes into its own small pot with 
its own label.  But then I'm too fussy and no businessman, both according 
to my wife.

Jim Shields

At 05:11 PM 12/14/2009 -0800, you wrote:
>I'm about down to the last of my labels and seeds are starting to arrive, 
>packet of which will need a label in the seed pot. Can anyone recommend a
>reliable source of 4" plastic labels with a matte finish that takes pencil 
>A quick attempt to find such with Google leads to any number of suspects, but
>no one says "pencil works with these." One place extolled how smooth their
>labels are, which in my experience is precisely what you don't want if using
>Why pencil? Because it never fades, unlike every felt-tipped marker I've ever
>If the labels you recommend don't go brittle and break when exposed to 
>(at least, if they don't do so too soon!), I will be your friend forever. 
>may be an alarming prospect for some of you, so if you prefer, I will be your
>un-friend forever.
>Rodger Whitlock
>Victoria, British Columbia, Canada
>Maritime Zone 8, a cool Mediterranean climate
>on beautiful Vancouver Island

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