are all Allium edible?

C.J. Teevan
Sun, 11 Apr 2010 12:35:47 PDT
I've heard onions are toxic to dogs -- same as chocolate.  I met one woman at the bank who lost the family dog at Christmastime when he was left in the living room with a box of Godiva chocolate.

My own little Chinese Powderpuff consumed half a Hershey bar.  Once I found it, I raced her to the vet.  I was told it was not enough to kill her, but it was good to be careful and it is poisonous to dogs.

Dogs don't get colds, either, so far as I know.

We may all have backbones and not lay eggs, but our kidneys and livers and guts are built differently.  We get different diseases.  We have different amino acids and enzymes.  Could be, enough Alliums will kill us too.  And don't forget what happens when you eat too many green Potatoes...

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Mark McDonough wrote: “Rodger Whitlock wrote:

>Be aware that ordinary culinary alliums are toxic to dogs and cats.


One of the chapters in Dr. Eric Block's book is "5.13  Don't feed your dog
onion or garlic!"


I’m not convinced yet. For instance, bears and dogs are related as mammals
go, and bears eat wild garlics. Not for nothing is the name of Allium
ursinum in German Bärlauch (from the words for bear and leek - and of course
the ursinum part refers to bears, too). 


My dog won’t eat garlicky pizza, but then when I was a kid I wouldn’t eat
anything that smelled like that, either. 


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