Weed Killers: Lycoris and Lontrel

J. Agoston agoston.janos123@gmail.com
Mon, 16 Aug 2010 09:14:36 PDT

As far as i know both of them can be used as pre-emergent herbicides.
Lontrel is working like a mitosis poison, it stops tubulins to form,
Fusilade is a special monocot killer (also post emergent is dicot cultures),
it turns the leaves red of monocots. Both can be uptaken by young shoots,
and can be washed too deep by rain or irrigation so roots can take them up
too. Lcoris leaves are just under soil level in spring so that is not
surprising they have distortions, that is the sam with buds, they can grow
maybe 2 inches a day or so, so care must be taken to use herbicides before
flowering. I think a total herbicide can be more useful after flowering is
over. Glyphosate can be absorbed by green plant tissues only. Anyway i don't
suggest using herbicides. It is just too precious to lost Lycoris.


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