San Diego County

Mary Sue Ittner
Thu, 05 Aug 2010 08:12:42 PDT

Three of us have made wiki pages illustrating plants of interest to 
this group that grow where we live (photographed in the wild). The 
first one was made by Angelo Porcelli of Apulia, Italy.

I thought that was such a good idea that I started a page that 
ultimately had to be split into many pages of the area where I live 
in coastal Northern California.

Very recently we have an addition created by Jim Duggan for San Diego 
County, California. You may be interested in looking at it. The 
infamous Hesperocallis that only seems to flower in habitat, but more 
than one person has been frustrated trying to change this,  is also 
found in this county.

We also have pages for a lot of plants illustrated in habitat in 
South Africa with photos contributed from a number of people. Cameron 
McMaster has taken many pictures of where he lives  in the Overberg 
that I have added to the wiki, but I've never taken on the job of 
gathering them all on one or more pages. There are 80 wiki pages with 
the name Overberg on them so that job would take a very long time. He 
has found an amazing number of different species near where he lives.

Mary Sue

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