for iris lovers only!

Dennis Kramb
Tue, 24 Aug 2010 17:08:37 PDT
Species Iris Group of North America has introduced a new cheaper, 
greener, electronic-only membership tier.  Instead of receiving printed 
publications via U.S. Mail, members will receive them by e-mail in PDF 
format.  Dues at this level are the same price no matter what country 
you live in:
      $6 for 1 year, or $16 for 3 years

You get full membership privileges, such as participation in the seed 
exchange (which is handled by our awesome pair of Jims... Mr. Murrain & 
Mr. Waddick).

To sign up please check out the SIGNA website (which is webmastered by 
awesome me).

And under no circumstances should you include this entire message should 
you happen to reply back to it via the PBS list.  ;-)

Dennis (iris lover extraordinaire!)

PS:  (Don't worry, I occasionally post plugs about PBS over on the Iris 
mailing lists.  PBS BX frequently has awesome things we don't see in 
Iris circles.)

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