Nerine masoniorum was `Re: Use of English on PBS (was: Re: PBS responses)

Jim McKenney
Thu, 26 Aug 2010 06:02:57 PDT
Russell wrote: “Isn't it Nerine masonorum?  Which is curious anyway, because
presumably the name commemorates Francis Masson.”


According to Gray, Hardy Bulbs, the name of this species commemorates Canon
and Miss M.H. Mason.  Grammatically, it is second declension genitive


The spelling has varied over the years; I think (but someone should check
the International Rules to be sure)  the current style is to correct such
names (there are lots of others) to this form: name + i + orum. 


The i is the Latin connective vowel used to make compound words; the –orum
is the standard Latin second declension genitive plural ending. 


Some citations of the name will show masonorum. 


Again, check the current International Rules to be sure about the use of the


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