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James Waddick jwaddick@kc.rr.com
Thu, 18 Feb 2010 07:22:57 PST
>Hi, I'm a new member and feel a bit bashful asking my first question 
>because you all sound so advanced but here goes. I just received 
>some seeds (from a seed exchange) of something called 'homoglad' 
>which is a sort of cross between Gladiolus tristis and Homoglossum 
>watsonium (if that helps). It is a spring bulb. Now, I've never 
>started a bulb from seed. Is this incredibly, impossibly difficult?

Dear Anne-Marie,
	I  welcome you to PBS, but you've heard a bit from me lately 
so I'll keep this short.

	Growing bulbs from seed can be easy and rewarding or slow and 
painful. Depends on which bulbs and how challenging various aspect 
can be in your situation.

	Glads in general are fairly easy. I've grown dozen of "hardy" 
glads in a tough climate.

	More importantly on the very topic of growing bulbs from 
seeds, go for it. Too few people even try, thinking it might be too 
difficult and take too long. Many are easy to germinate, easy to 
grow, and bloom in a couple years from seed like most any perennial 
and provide you with the joys of accomplishment, lots of new bulbs 
and much, much more. Some are slower, more difficult and can take 
years to bloom. Really not that many.

	Dell Sherk runs the PBS Bulb/Seed Exchange which operates on 
an 'as available' schedule. If you are a fully paid member of PBS 
(which you don't need to be if just an email forum member) you can 
order some amazing seeds and bulbs at a fraction of their commercial 
costs and some are unavailable at almost any cost. Do join up and 
fully participate - seed and bulbs season is coming.

	I know you'll enjoy the group and do not be nervous about any 
of the experts here, I think all the vicious ones have been turned 
away and we have the best of the best and most willing to respond.

	Glad to see you in the group. Most importantly ENJOY		Jim W.
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