Conseervation. Was: Legacy bulbs-desirable plants or weeds

J.E. Shields
Thu, 18 Mar 2010 08:05:14 PDT
Jim McK,

Nice piece.  This world will be what we humans make it from here on in, 
barring errant asteroids.  In fact we probably already have the ability but 
probably not the will (lots of $$$$$$) to detect and divert errant 
asteroids.  Humans can be relied upon to act in a short-sighted manner over 

Conservation is important.  Preservation of species and biological 
diversity is important.  My most favorite plants in the world are the wild 
species of Hippeastrum from South America.  People and their goats are 
wiping a lot of them out.  That's why I  grow as many as I can here in the 
cold, inhospitable (to Hippeastrum) northeastern Midwest.  They are at 
least not going to become weeds right here.

Where things become irrational and counterproductive is when emotions 
overwhelm reason in matters of conservation of biological diversity.  We 
are very unlikely to succeed in saving many species if our emotions 
override our rational brain in trying to achieve such goals.  I'm not 
optimistic about humans ever behaving logically.  If I live long enough I 
expect to see the world totally paved in asphalt between the high-rise 
apartment blocks.

Jim Shields

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