Native N American crops

Dennis Kramb
Fri, 19 Mar 2010 07:31:06 PDT
> I agree with comments earlier that we need to rid the New World of Homo
> sapiens if we want to restore this part of the world to it's natural
> condition.  Seeing where I live, one can probably understand that this
> option does not appeal to me.

I totally disagree.  Are we supernatural?  Have we somehow spread across the
globe via magical means?  Are the things we do unnatural?  Bah.  I do not
like this viewpoint one bit.  Humans are animals.  All animals are a part of
nature.  It's not humans vs. nature.

I find this whole topic bothersome, and bordering on the philosophical and
religious, and even political.  Three things I find tediously dull and

Time to put down the computer and go play in my garden.  Thank you, Spring!

> USA, where Homo sapiens is an invasive alien species


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