Scientists find Earthworms eat live seeds and plants

David Fenwick Snr.
Thu, 27 May 2010 16:38:09 PDT
Just read that Earthworms eat live seeds and plants on the BBC website…

Quite an interesting read. I've been saying earthworms should be considered 
pests for a while so it's nice someone has finally come along and said that 
earthworms may not be as beneficial as we think they are.

The problems I had with worms were With Tulbaghia. I've always been of the 
opinion that there are two problems.

1/ Compaction of the organic growing media caused by the earthworms when 
growing Tulbaghia in pots leading to lack of oxygen to the roots, creating 
anaerobic conditions, which cause dieback or rot.

2/ Competition for space within the pot, as Tulbaghia are serious rooters, 
thus I thought worms may be attacking the root system.

After seeing this article I now realise that the roots might actually have 
been eaten by worms, and worms may have a liking for the genus. This would 
also account for losses of plants that were grown in the open ground also.

I cannot see how this will have an impact on anyone or on how we grow our 
plants; but it does give us a better understanding of how things work and 
what goes on, and might explain a sudden or unusual plant loss with another 
bulbous genera.

It must be noted that I never used sand in the compost mix for any of my 
containerised Tulbaghia; just goes to show that I should have done. Well we 
all learn by our mistakes.

Best Wishes,

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