Asarum canadense

Roy Herold
Mon, 11 Jul 2011 18:51:49 PDT
Tony and Dennis,

I don't dare grow Asarum canadense in my garden due to it's 
invasiveness. Fortunately the seeds are decidedly ephemeral, so if 
Dennis sends any to the BX there is a limited risk of having them 
germinate and infest other gardens.

As for Asarum europaeum, it is one of our most invasive aliens. Can't 
kill it, even the voles hate it. If hybrid vigor is real, I would be 
very wary of a hybrid with canadense.

I like other plain old green asarums, and find the evergreen A. caudatum 
to be much better behaved than the dedidous A. canadense. The white 
flowered album type is nice if you are willing to look under the leaves 
for enlightenment. Another well-behaved but vigorous green one is the 
deciduous A. caulescens, honored by the Japanese nobility in their 
family crests.

Then there are all those fancy ones, which are another story altogether...

NW of Boston

Tony Avent wrote:
> John:
> One of my friends in Michigan just found something interesting the other week.  A nursery there is selling seed grown Asarum europeum...only the plants they are selling are obvious hybrids with Asarum canadense.  Who knew?

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