Fritillaria meleagris

r de vries
Mon, 06 Jun 2011 06:34:18 PDT

if you just let the seeds drop onto the soil  in a few years you will likely see new plants pop up around the the parents- if you don't mistakenly weed them out... 

Alternatively, in the early fall sewon the surface, cover with a fine layer of organic litter (i use a layer of vermiculite over the seed sewn in bus boy trays (with a few holes) with a hardware cloth cover to keep the critters out) leave outside for the full winter experience- but in March when snow starts to melt and we get lots of rains and these trays fill up with water over the frozen soil below i like to cover with an window pane propped up on the leeward side to keep the rain out. I remove the glass when the soil thaws and the trays drain freely. In early spring they will show a cotyledon,  second year -a true leaf or two, in 3-5 years a flowering stem -  these germinate just like lilies and tulips.  F. meleagris can handle more moisture than many frits and is very easy in the open garden in the midwest.

if you collect the seed, you may want to candle it before donating.  spread the seed over a light table-(i use a pane of glass with a sheet of white paper taped under it, placed  over a low watt lamp in a shoe box) .  the viable seed will have a little oval egg with a tiny little embryo inside that appears as a faint line. once you have looked at a few you will get it.  separate the viable seed and toss the chaff in your garden, some will be viable and germinate.  Alternatively, some just gently blow across the seed in a shallow box and the chaff will separate from the slightly heavier seed. 

your frits will probably increase faster from bulb offsets- little rice grains that form around the parent bulbs. if you dig a bulb now or in the next few month or so you will see the rice grains. 

Rimmer de Vries

Ann Arbor, MI area.

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I have a number of seed pods on my F. meleagris this year and would like to experiment with propagation.  I will let these mature and dry and will probably send some along to the Bulb Exchange.  Any recommendations about germinating/propagating from seed?

Bob Hoel
Chicago Area

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