Gilliesia montana

Justin Smith
Fri, 25 Mar 2011 14:27:50 PDT
Hi All,
I have me two little seedlings of Gilliesia montana this seems to be an interesting plant. 
Anyone know if it requires a dry dormant period or can tolerate/needs some moisture all of the time. 
Any other info would be welcome. 
On a side note, the saying misery likes company is certainly true. I want to share my misery, sorry. The other day while driving to town I saw several large brush clearing machines plowing through one of the few little bogs, that still was moist in our current drought. Big giant furrows were plowed though this little bog. Just last summer I found for the first time in this bog hundreds of small ground orchids blooming. I can just imagine that what little water there is now gets quickly drained away in the furrows letting the orchids dry out in our heat and drought. 
I am sure some will survive but it's sad to me non the less.
Woodville, TX 8b/9a  and very dry 

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