Psoralea onobrychis

Tue, 18 Oct 2011 17:44:43 PDT
I have raised Psoralea pinnata from seed. No special requirement needed
except to nick the seet coat at time of sowing. Maybe Ps. onobrychis is
similar in that respect, but I have not tried that species. Is the seed

San Diego 

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I suppose this species is borderline geophytic.  It's rhizomatous, anyway.
So here goes...

I've tried, and failed, to establish this wildflower in my prairie garden.
All my attempts were with using nursery propagated seedlings of local
populations (from prairie remnants in Dayton Ohio).

I'm trying again by seed, from a new source.  Does anyone know of any
special requirements for success?

I'm also going to try Zigadenus elegans from seed.

Dennis in Cincinnati

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