Help requested - Brunsvigia josephinae rot <:-(

Tim Harvey
Sun, 16 Oct 2011 21:31:51 PDT

I had a Boophone inflorescence rot (no other damage) and also a Boophone bulb show similar signs of rot to your Brunsvigia. I dug it up - the bullb was actually rootless - and removed all dead/dying material, and am letting it dry. There was a very strong odor of acetate from the rotting scales.
I would suggest you do the same. If the majority of the bulb is healthy, just re-plant.

> I discovered some rot in the upper old leaf bases of this Brunsvigia josephinae.  It bloomed in August and September this year ... and we had a freak heavy rainstorm then followed by warm weather ... which I suspect is responsible for this rot.  Any suggestions on treatment?  Sulphur?  A fungicide?

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