algae and moss in seedling pots

Wed, 01 Feb 2012 09:28:10 PST
Thank you Tim, Nhu and James for your feedback,
I generally add no organic material in my seedling mix, which is generally 1/3 perlite, pumice and DG, topped with DG to hold down the perlite and pumice ... although there may be a minute amount in the DG I collect.  Perhaps my pumice source ('Dry-stall' from the feed store) is the culprit as that is new this year .... or .... the rain water collected from the roof that I use for irrigation?   With the deep rooted seedlings, it is relatively easy, albeit tedious, to pull off the layer of moss w/o damaging the seedling in each pot, but I was concerned the moss would get too thick ... like that posted by you, Nhu, wow!   I may try the kitty-litter top dressing, James ... anybody else use this?
Thanks again,
Ken Blackford
San Diego, CA  USDA zone 10  

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I've had problems this year with algae and moss infesting the top layer of my outdoor seedling pots and trays ...…

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