Seed envelopes

Kathleen Sayce
Thu, 16 Feb 2012 12:29:35 PST
Jane wrote:
The home-made "origami" envelopes Kathleen Sayce mentioned are good 
to know about if you find some good seeds and have no envelopes with 
you, but they're not well liked by people handling exchanges because 
they can fall apart during shipping and handling, and one doesn't 
know quite what will happen when one goes to open them.

These are actually folded moss packets, widely used by byrologists and lichenologists. I absolutely agree that when you open them, they can toss their contents quite easily. I use them only when desperate. I much prefer good quality glassine bags for dry seeds, and small (moss collecting) bags for seed pods, large seeds, and damp to wet seeds. In the field, I carry the smallest brown paper bags (kraft paper) I can find in the local hardware store (they order blocks of bags for me, which I think come in units of 200), then I dry, clean, and transfer the seeds to glassine bags. Yes, my hardware store still sells loose hardware parts instead of prebagging everything in plastic. They use sturdy, and very small, kraft paper bags. 

Sheets of pre-gummed paper labels (the kind you feed through printers for mailings) make it easy to label glassine packets, by the way. Write on them, peel them off, stick them on the glassine bag. Reduces the hunt for the right ink pen to write on the packet, and helps me write much more neatly. I need all the help I can get to write neatly, I find. 


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