Double Oxalis compressa

Pamela Slate
Fri, 10 Feb 2012 15:09:59 PST
I have grown it here in Arizona and it did very well.  I thought it was lovely and had it in one of my conrete raised planters.  Unfortunately, when I decided to replace the dirt in that planter, that plant went out with the old dirt mix.  So I'm watching the BX for it and hope someone has some extras to donate.
By the way, there are 64 cubic feet of dirt in seven of the twelve concrete block planters in my shade/screen house.  One has slightly less and four have 96 cubic feet in each.  The mix is sandy loam, compost and pumice and has excellent drainage.  We mix it with a small Mantis tiller, one of the best little work horses in the gardening world.
Glad you brought it up, Jim, and thanks, Nhu, for the interesting info on the compounding flowers.

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