Dry-stall vs Horticultural pumice ... was algae and moss in seedling pots

Ken kjblack@pacbell.net
Wed, 01 Feb 2012 13:58:37 PST
Hi Alberto,
Actually ... I did originally have all pots in sealed trays back in September and October and usually do so through our dry season just for the reasons you suggest.  Mother Nature is not cooperating this year!  Must be the La Nina.  I keep them or racks outdoors (no greenhouse ... yet!)  Our substantial early rains flooded them.  I emptied the excess water ... a messy job ... only to have subsequent early rains re-flood.  I normally switch to the free-draining trays in December in prep for our winter rains, but did so in October.   November was rainy here so no more flooded trays ... but December and January were dry.   I provided additional overhead irrigation.
Now, while replacing the moss-infested DG top dressing, I am discovering that the remaining medium is excessively wet ... so I think I will agree with the previous comment that dry-stall does  indeed, absorb and retain excessive moisture.  Either that or I just need to learn to water less with it  ;-) !
Here's a shot of how I use those plastic modular shelving from Home Depot for my outdoor seedling racks:
Thanks to everybody for their input !    
Ken Blackford
San Diego, CA     USDA zone 10

--- On Wed, 2/1/12, Alberto Castillo <ezeizabotgard@hotmail.com> wrote:

Provided all are seedlings and sanitary conditions reasonably good why not put all those small pots in a tray with no holes and water from BELOW. The right amount to pour in can be easily adjusted and moss will have less chances to take over.

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