Sujit's Cold Frame Queation (polycarbonate glass houses)

Bill Richardson
Fri, 24 Feb 2012 00:14:36 PST
I agree with you there. It sounds like a scam.
You can probably buy them from a factory outlet a lot cheaper.

And have you noticed that there is an automatic 
bid placed by the vendor after every single bid, 
adding $5 to the price just bid?  click on the 
"Show Automatic Bids" to the top right of the 
listing..... it's an eye opener.  I'm guessing 
that this is legal ebay-wise, but looks dodgy as 
heck to me. <grin>  No way you can place a bid 
without being outbid (this was mentioned by 
someone else recently, not sure whether on this 
list or not... might have been another one).

The greenhouse looks great, but I wonder what it 
is actually supposed to be worth?  I'd think 
about it, but with that automatic bidding system 
I'm just not interested in doing so.

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