is this Moraea ciliata?

Sat, 25 Feb 2012 09:42:26 PST
Hi Moraea growers,

A corm received as M. gigandra has bloomed and it clearly is not.  The corms I received looked quite different from each other so I expect the others may indeed be as labeled. Here is my mystery Moraea:…

The description of Moraea ciliata in 'The Moraeas of Southern Africa' by Goldblatt matches well but the watercolor picture differs in plant shape.  The plant shape of M. macronyx matches better but not the color. 

I included photos of the corm (the most edgey, least round of the three). 

Comparing the flower to the PBS wiki it does match one of the M. ciliata:…
and does not match M. macronyx:…

This is fun figuring out what I got.  It is pretty, whatever its name. Can someone confirm I have M. ciliata?

I have removed the photo of the corms I posted, as at least one of them is not as labeled. Now I know better than to post pics of bulbs before seeing them bloom! 

- gastil

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