What's blooming Feb 9 2012 (Pel. E. de Marie)

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Fri, 10 Feb 2012 15:31:33 PST
Hi Andrew (et al)
The plant in the photo actually is an unknown hybrid created at the NYBG which I gave the unofficial name of "Magenta Fragrant". It is unusual in that it appears to have a section Otidia species in its ancestry (something like one of the various things that goes around as P carnosum) and another one, maybe a purple form of P echinatum, which was also at the NYBG for many years by the time I got there in 1991.  An odd thing is that it is sweetly fragrant at certain times of the day, a rare trait in pelargoniums  It is tough as nails (believe me, to have survived as long as it did at NYBG in those days it had to be) yet it is a magnet for white flies (but they die when it drops its leaves for summer dormancy).  I could find no clear indication of who hybridized it and what its ancestry was while I was at the NYBG. When I did my research on pelargoniums at Cornell as a grad student, and later had less extensive but still good collection at the NYBG where I was Curator of the Des
 ert Collections, I exchanged plants regularly with Carol Roller and Mike Vassar in southern Cali (and often stayed at Carol's former place in Vista when visiting), so I imagine the plant came to you via one of them, or they were involved in the chain somehow.  They did have other hybrids that I did make, and I am particularly interested in knowing if anyone is growing any of the various hybrids I made with luridum via tissue culture techniques (modified embyro rescue), as I no longer have any of them.  These include luridum x incrassatum, luridum x cortusifolium, luridum x apiifolium, and  luridum x sericifolium, among others. Hybrids that I made using x glaucifolium, a very old primary hybrid itself between lobatum and gibbosum, were with cortusifolium, these produced lavendar flowers on a thick stemmed plant.   
I still grow many pelargoniums (and have others banked as refrigerated seed), but they are under lights for the winter and don't grow nor bloom with the vigor that they do in California or in a cool greenhouse.  But I do have dreams of one day growing them in one (or both) of those situations when I retire in a few years. 
Andrew, if you have any other hybrids you want ID on or confirmations of the ones you do have, you can send the photos to me at my regular email (pelarg@aol.com).  
Ernie DeMarie
Tuckahoe Z6/7 but solid 8 this winter thus far

This message is primarily for Ernie de Marie. The image shown athttp://flickr.com/photos/andrewrmw/… in bloom. It is a hybrid reputedly made by Ernie. I was given this plant,and a number of other similar crosses some years ago.I was told it was a cross of P. oblongatum with P. glaucifolium, but wouldlike to hear your word on the subject. Ernie.ThanksAndrewSan Diego

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