Seed envelopes

Jane McGary
Thu, 16 Feb 2012 16:51:46 PST
If you live in the USA and can shop at Costco, they sell various 
sizes, including fairly small, of good-quality brown paper bags in 
blocks of several hundred. I always used these for holding my bulbs 
while filling sale orders, and when I moved to my new place recently, 
I had a lot of bulbs (those without perennial roots) stored in them 
in the basement for a little over a month. They're easy to write on 
with a large marking pen and can be reused. The size sold for, I 
think, holding wine bottles is excellent for collecting seedheads on 
their stems -- I put them upside down into the bag and leave them in 
a dry room, and can get them to release some of the seeds that way, 
which is a relief from trying to clean Alliaceae and Themidaceae seed capsules.

Jane McGary

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